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when: 08/21/2018 | 07.00 PM h  
Event title Once Adrift on the Wind: World War I Poison Gas and Its Lega
Where: Wright Museum - Wolfeboro
Category: Special
Event description:

Poison gas emerged onto the battlefield in World War I, and the belligerents on the Western Front used it in increasingly sophisticated ways and in growing amounts over the course of the conflict. Poison Gas had a physical and mental impact on the soldiers in the trenches as well as on the politicians and other civilians on the home front. Because of these experiences, poison gas lived on in the minds of the people involved in the war and influenced their actions after the Armistice. Molly Dorsey explains how World War I shaped people’s perceptions of poison gas and the gas’s legacy once it was allowed to drift on the wind during the war.


Molly Dorsey is an associate professor of History and a core faculty member in Justice Studies at the University of New Hampshire. She earned her BA at Stanford in History and Human Biology, a JD at Harvard, and a PhD in History at Yale. Her book A Strange and Formidable Weapon: British Responses to World War I Poison Gas is published under the name Marion Dorsey
Location Wright Museum
Homepage: http://www.wrightmuseum.org  
City Wolfeboro
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