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when: 08/14/2018 | 07.00 PM h  
Event title Top Secret Rosies, The Female "Computers" of WWII
Where: Wright Museum - Wolfeboro
Category: Special
Event description:

A 2010 documentary film presented by Producer/Director LeAnn Erickson


NOTE: This program will be held in the Wolfeboro Town Hall's Great Hall. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.


In 1942, a secret US military program was launched to recruit female mathematicians who would become human “computers” for the Army. These women worked round-the-clock shifts creating ballistics tables for every weapon in the US arsenal. Rosie made the weapons, but the female computers made them accurate. When the first computer was developed to aid the calculation efforts, six women became its first programmers. Their work was crucial to allied victory, but it also carried a moral weight – reconciling the issue of ending a world war with the recognition that their computations made every Allied bomb and gun more deadly.


Temple University Professor LeAnn Erickson has been an independent filmmaker for over 25 years. Her award-winning work has appeared on television and in galleries.

Location Wright Museum
Homepage: http://www.wrightmuseum.org  
City Wolfeboro
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