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when: 08/17/2017 | 07.00 PM h  
Event title Faith Forum: Drug Awareness and Prevention
Where: Wolfeboro - Wolfeboro
Category: Education
Event description:

Drug Forum at First Christian Church


Drug use has increased substantially in our nation, our state, and in our community. It affects all aspects of our community: families, businesses, law enforcement, education, health services, and government. Come and learn more about this growing problem, what is being done in Carroll County, and how our community can and must unite together to combat thisevil. Come and learn about the resources to help families and individuals that are being destroyed by drug abuse. The forum will be presented at First Christian Church at 83 North Main Street Wolfeboro (opposite the Wolfeboro Inn) on Thursday night, August 17th at 7pm. Be prepared to get involved; one neighbor helping another. Become a Partner for a Drug Free Community! 

Location Wolfeboro
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City Wolfeboro
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