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when: 04/05/2008 | 08.00 AM h  
Event title Complete TOWN survey
Where: Wolfeboro - Wolfeboro
Category: Special
Event description:

To: Chamber membership 

David Ford, Director of Public Works, and Robert Houseman, Director Planning & Development, have published a public survey on the town's website. They will consider the results when developing their overall plan in how the town's village character will be designed moving forward.  

The Chamber Board of Directors has responded to questions in the survey, based on recommendations from the Community Betterment Committee.  The Board asks you, our membership, to consider their answers, shown at this link http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dc992qj5_1g26k2nd9&invite=ggpbx97   

You are encouraged to then go to the home page of the Town’s website, www.wolfeboronh.us, to complete the survey. 

It is beneficial for all of us, as Wolfeboro Area Chamber of Commerce members, to have our voice heard.  

The survey will end on April 18th.

Location Wolfeboro
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City Wolfeboro
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