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when: 10/20/2011 | 10.00 AM h - 12.30 PM h  
Event title Marketing and Social Media Seminar
Where: Wolfeboro - Wolfeboro
Category: Education
Event description:

FREE seminar for all Wolfeboro area businesses.  You do not need to be a member of the Wolfeboro Area Chamber of Commerce to attend.

TO REGISTER: Telephone the Chamber of Commerce at 569-2200 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Location will be provided with your registration.


“3 Keys to Engagement Marketing Success”

Do you know what it takes to engage your customers, clients and members so they come back and tell their friends about you? It’s easier than you think when you have an engagement marketing strategy that inspires your audience.


In this seminar, you’ll discover the three components that lead to Engagement Marketing success:

·             Providing an excellent customer experience,

·             Making connections that engage your audience, and

·             Using email and social media to deepen relationships and broaden your reach.


Come learn how other small businesses, non-profit associations, and organizations combine email marketing and social media marketing to make connections, monitor feedback, share interesting content, and build lasting business success.


“Social Media Marketing Made Simple”

How social is your business? Learning to use social media is as easy as learning the tools at your disposal and the simple techniques for engaging your audience and helping them spread the word.


In this seminar, you will learn the best practices to get the most out of your social media activities:

  • Using the most popular social media tools including Facebook and Twitter
  • Creating appropriate and compelling content that gets your customers telling your story
  • Integrating with other marketing initiatives
  • Managing your time effectively
  • Developing relationships that drive sales and success!


Presenter: Corissa St. Laurent is a relationship marketing expert with more than 10 years experience creating powerful new media marketing campaigns and event promotions. After owning and operating two different small businesses, she joined Constant Contact as the Regional Development Director for New England in June 2009. She dedicates her time to teaching people how to build lasting relationships through email, social media, and event marketing, through her lively and inspiring presentations and workshops.

Location Wolfeboro
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City Wolfeboro
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